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What is Ujene?

FREEDOM in the form of a skill sharing app. Connect with like minded people in the real world, learn and teach any skill, talent or knowledge face to face, build a lifestyle around it!

We are here to support you!

What is our vision?

TRUE FREEDOM! A world without the 9-5 Matrix where you live an easy, passion filled life and get paid simply for doing what you love!

We should be using technology to connect, not disconnect


What is a provider?

People who teach skills, talents or knowledge to Seekers looking to learn face to face!


How? Think about a fun teachable skill you have, create your profile, list your time slots and start!

When? Whenever you want!

  • Schedule classes in advance or
  • Just go Live!

Where? Your home, on the go, wherever you like!

As a provider you’re the heart of Ujene, the driving force behind the “why” of what we do!

You teach the things you love to a Seeker and get paid to do it - Sounds pretty sweet hey? - Just keep social distancing or current regulations refer to government sites

  • Show your passion, no one loves what you do more than you!
  • Be your own boss, this platform offers you the opportunity to create freedom doing what you love
  • Earn extra money, either as you travel around or out of your home, anywhere
  • The details provided during registration allows Seekers and us to learn more about you
  • All documents on below registration are not mandatory but highly recommended as this creates a sense of trust with your customers
  • As a Provider Partner you’re responsible for your own tax, Insurance etc. somethings are covered by us but not all

If this sounds like the right, risk free opportunity for you, download from the App Store now and get started!

What is a Seeker?

Anyone looking to learn a skill!

How? Think about what you would like to learn or browse the app for ideas! review providers, book in, then meet up!

Rate and review: If it's good book in again, if it's not try another or let us know directly!

When? Check the Providers profile for times

  • Search in discover tab or
  • Browse tiles and map in Seek button

Where? Anywhere within 75km of you! Browse the map for locals or search abroad!

Bonus, if you start as a Seeker, you can become a Provider and earn too! You’re never locked into anything.

Meet the founders


Co-founder of Ujene


Co-founder of Ujene

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