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What is Ujene?

A community to share your passion with others. Learn skills then provide skills or start Providing right way! Connect with like-minded people in the real world or virtually with what matters to you!

We are here to support you!

Our Vision

True Freedom and Real Connections! We give you the opportunity to truly connect and learn with your locals!

Tech to Connect, not Disconnect.


What is a Provider?

Could be you getting paid for your hobby! Guru of your skill?

Teach and share your talent with Seekers!


How? Create your profile, add your skills, create your schedule and start!

When? Whenever you want!

  • Schedule in advance or
  • Go Live!

Where? Your home, on the go, online wherever you want!

As a provider you’re the heart of Ujene, you're behind the “why” of what we do!

You teach the things you love to a Seeker and get paid to do it - Sounds pretty sweet right? - Please keep to social distancing or current Government regulations.

How to succeed:

  • Show your passion, no one loves what you do more than you!
  • Being your own boss, this platform offers you the opportunity to create freedom doing what you love
  • Earn extra money travelling around or out of your home, anywhere!
  • The details provided during registration allows Seekers and us to learn more about you
  • As a Provider you’re responsible for your own Tax, Insurance, legal, safety etc.

Sound like the right opportunity for you? Download from the App Store now and get started!

What is a Seeker?

Trying to discover your passion or find a new hobby? Learn hands on, face to face with your locals or book a virtual session from anywhere!

How? Think about what you want to experience OR browse the app for inspiration! Find a Provider, meet up in person or online and BOOM there it is!

Rate and review: If you had fun - go again! If not, try again to find the right Provider for you! - No locked in courses here!

When? Check the Providers profile for times

  • Search in discover tab or
  • Browse tiles and map in Seek button

Where? Our goal is to get you out of the house and EXPERIENCE the world around you so put some pants on, meet the Provider and have fun! - Unless you choose virtual then stay in your PJ's 😉

Bonus: You can become a Provider and earn too! Discover what you love then offer it back to the community! You have your own unique talent - You just need to uncover it!

Meet the founders


Co-founder of Ujene


Co-founder of Ujene

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